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TechLX provides a Modding Platform called VanillaMod, in-person Modding Courses, and a Minecraft Server featuring Redstone and Command Block examples. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Modding Platform

Build mods in Vanilla Minecraft

Modding Courses

Learn Programming while Making Adventure Maps

Minecraft Server

Explore Redstone and Command Blocks
Redstone Contraptions

Modding Platform

Traditional Modding — Too much setup, hard to share

Command Blocks — Hard to create complex features, no real code

VanillaMod — The ease of command blocks, the power of modding

Most Minecraft Modding platforms have complex setup, and often can’t do simple things you can do with Command Blocks. But doing complex things with Command Blocks is difficult and non-standard. That’s why we created VanillaMod! Write your mods with JavaScript or Drag-and-Drop Programming, and we’ll translate it to Command Block Language, ready to be copied and pasted into Command Blocks.

Modding Courses

TechLX teaches three levels of Minecraft Modding courses.

101: Programmatic Parkour

Create a Parkour Adventure Map that moves and changes according to your code.

102: Battle Arena

Create and program a Battle Arena with weapon kits, automatic teleportation, and waves of mobs!

103: RPG Adventure

Create and program a role-playing game with bosses, story text, puzzles and levels of mobs.

Minecraft Server

The TechLX Minecraft Server houses Adventure Maps made by our students. The Lobby is full of the Redstone contraptions featured in our Youtube Channel. Come visit our world by joining mc.techlx.com in Minecraft Multiplayer.

Look Behind the Curtain

Explore the contraptions hidden in the walls and floors of Adventure Maps.

Student Projects

Our students are hard at work creating Adventure Maps that you can play soon.

Create Your Own Adventure

Ready to build your own game inside of Minecraft? Contact us to learn how!

Questions, Feedback? Let us know.