Many kids find learning to code fun and engaging, while parents are increasingly realizing how vital it is. Despite this, schools are struggling to fit robust programming courses into the regular school day. That’s where after school enrichment programs can come in, especially for younger students. School usually ends before 3, while parents are rarely home before 5, making after school the perfect time to fit in the STEM education that schools are only beginning to integrate.

That’s why we’ve partnered with elementary schools in Orinda, CA to roll out a comprehensive track of programming classes that takes students from drag and drop programming to professional web development. We start with simple coding games, move up to the ever-popular Minecraft Modding, then 2D game engines like Construct 3, and finally into professional web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

We focus on games and game development because kids love games, and are super familiar with them. At the same time, games involve a surprising amount of complex logic, making game development the perfect way to introduce kids to coding. By the end of our elementary progression, we begin to transition into web and app dev by creating web games.

This prepares students to move into other forms of professional coding, like web and app development, by the time they reach middle school. Finally, for high schoolers, we offer our High School Engineering Program, which covers everything from web, app and game dev to robotics, fabrication and computer science.

While schools are still catching up to emerging 21st-century skills like programming and experience design, after school classes and summer camps are awesome opportunities to expose students to hands-on STEM learning. Email us at to see how we can help your community of students prepare for the future or visit our website at