TechLX stands for Technology Focused Learning Experiences, which is what we create at TechLX. The LX is borrowed from UX, which in the engineering process means User Experience Design. This was an evolution of UI Design, which means User Interface Design. The transition was motivated by a desire to refocus the design process on the user, making engineering truly user centric, and so the term User Experience Design was adopted.

Now as education begins its own renaissance, a similar refocusing is needed. Common terms for those who create classroom experiences for students are instructional designer, curriculum developer, and teacher. None of those titles describe the important part: the student, the learner. And so LX was born to refocus the design process on what matters most. And that’s why we call our curriculum designers Learning Experience Designers instead of Instructional Designers.

It may sound like a subtle and even unnecessary distinction, but words have power, and drive how we frame our thoughts and actions. The fact that we framed user experiences as mere interfaces in engineering betrayed the engineer attitude, which thinks from the perspective of the system. That is fine for engineering, but not for the design of what is to be engineered. And similarly instructional design frames learning from the perspective of the instructor, while it is critical to reframe the design from the perspective of the learner.

With this focus, TechLX endeavors to enable educational organizations to design, develop and deliver engaging and effective courses that teach technology topics like programming, robotics and game development.